Electrohome Wellington Record Player Review [2023]: Vintage Design

Are you looking for a record player with automatic operations? The Retro Vinyl turntable from Electrohome is a stereo record player made of real wood – a luxurious model sporting a retro design, but with ultra-modern features.

It claims to be an authentic vinyl turntable which can also play CDs and record music through USB. This is the 3 in 1 turntable created with the real wood and has excellent performance. Do you want to know more details about it? Stay with us till the end of this detailed review.


Key Features

  • Fully automatic belt driven record player.
  • All wood mahogany finish gives your home a retro look.
  • 3 Speeds: 33.3 RPM, 45 RPM, and 78 RPM.
  • Has built-in stereo speakers that are decent for the money.
  • Ability to play vinyl, listen to AM/FM radio, and MP3s through aux or usb inputs.
  • Ceramic tonearm that is “diamond tipped” gives a much more natural and vintage tone.
    Grade: C+

Electrohome Wellington Record Player Hallmark Features

The Electrohome Wellington Record Player includes AM/FM radio, an adapter, a completely automated arm, smartphone AUX input and a jack for headphones, to name the most notable features. It has a needle made of ceramic and provided with a diamond tip. When you need to replace this, you can find similar needles when you shop for Electrohome parts.

The turntable comes with adequate USB functionality for music transfers and also with recording capability. Thus, it can turn your vinyl tracks to MP3s. It’s good for playing 31 1/3 and 78/45 RPM records. With the use of an AUX cord it can be connected to a bigger sound system. The tune dial is illuminated and the whole player is said to consume up to 19 watts.


This is certainly striking – you get a large size wooden box with incorporated speakers and a buttons panel in pure retro fashion. The mahogany finish is not only beautiful and highly decorative, but also designed in a way that improves the acoustic performance.

The brown rich color is complimented by the metal panel and the speaker carvings. The box is protected with the attached wooden lid. There’s a downside to it: you won’t be able to carry it around easily because it has no handle.


The Electrohome Wellington turntable can be connected to pretty much any device that can play music, such as smartphones (including iPhones), tablets and so on. You may plug exterior speakers via the headphones jack, as long as you find compatible ones.

Officially, it doesn’t have any plug to help with this. Additional cables may also be a means to connect these speakers – it depends on what sort of gear you have.

The sound is good when the turntable works all by itself in a small room. You can expect modifications or slight variations when you use it in conjunction with another system or in very large rooms.

It generates a rich sound that fills the air, as the wooden cabinet is no hindrance to it, on the contrary. It’s surprising how natural it all sounds. It may seem tough to have a diamond-tip needle, but this isn’t rough on the records.

It actually manages to preserve them well. The turntable delivers a solid level of performance during private listening, when the headphones are connected.

The USB functionality is very useful. It doesn’t even require you to connect the turntable to a computer, since it lets you copy music to so many other devices. The Record button will do all that’s needed here.

As you record on USB, keep it mind that it will be continuous instead of separating the tracks. Furthermore, rhe quality is always lessened when usb is involved, so keep that in mind.

The arm may be in need of some adjustment as well. We have also found that occassional skipping occurs with this product. In case the record skips, some extra weight would be useful, but it wont solve the problem completely.

For Whom This Product Is?

Are you looking for a turntable that fills your room with hi-fi sound? This one is surely for you. It has fully automatic operations so you don’t need to spin it manually.


  • Built in stereo speakers
  • Excellent buildup
  • Fully automatic belt driven turntable
  • Superb audio performance
  • Classic vintage design
  • 3 in 1 system


  • CD player dead on arrival


In spite of one might expect, the price for this retro turntable isn’t steep at all. It’s got a list price that is under $300 so it’s not terribly expensive. The item cased in a handmade mahogany unit, it comes with plenty of authentic retro charm, while the performance is fit for modern technology.

This represents a chance to experience your favorite records with a vintage looking product. If you are just looking for something vintage looking to decorate your living room, this is the product to get.

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