5 Best Record Cleaning Machines [Buying Guide 2023]

Good music is no doubt nutrition for the soul. That’s why true music lovers spend most of their time collecting vinyl records. No computer downloads could match the quality of the vinyl, and the music plays on the turntable.


But being a turntable owner is not so easy. One has to maintain the machine to run the music effortlessly. One of the most important things to do is clean the vinyl records regularly or thrice a week.


In this way, you’ll be able to enjoy running your favorite music on the turntable for years. Even if you’re a careful audiophile and keep the turntable away from dust, oil still you’ll need the best record cleaning machines to clean it efficiently as the natural oil extracts from your fingers could damage the vinyl.


The record cleaning machines are perfect for cleaning the moisture and debris to enhance the product’s longevity. There are many options available in the market, and choosing the best record cleaning machines could be an exhausting task for you.


No worries, we’re here to help you. In this article will discuss the eight best record cleaning machines in detail along with the buying guide to help you get the best from the rest. You can check two of our top products if you don’t want to dig into the details. It includes spin clean record player or Isonic P4875II.

5 Best Record Cleaning Machines

1. SPIN CLEAN Record Washer

We begin our article with this record washer by spin clean. This spin clean was founded in 1975 and served us with a high-end application equipped with amazing features. The company has already earned a high-end reputation, so you don’t need to worry about quality issues.


It shows compatibility with all types of vinyl records means you can use it easily to clean your turntable without any hassle. The product offers deep cleaning on both sides of the vinyl record, which is quite impressive. It does not require any power or high-end installation.

Moreover, the machine will not make any annoying noise while cleaning and do all the operations quietly. The spin clean can wash 33,45,78 records and is equipped with enough materials to clean up to 700 items on the go. Storing this record washer is not a problem as it has compact size allows hassle-free storage.


The thing that makes this record washer super effective is the alcohol cleaning fluid which works perfectly to remove the stubborn stain or dirt from the deep grooves effortlessly. In addition, the debris accumulated will settle down in the bottom of the washer and will not transfer to 45s or LPs.


To wash the record, you need to dilute the liquid at the base called the sink and then insert the record. Don’t forget to rotate it manually clockwise and anti-clockwise twice or thrice times at least. After three turns in the record washer, each dirt plus fingerprints from both sides of the vinyl record will vanish.


The smooth spin, clean roller rotating the vinyl for washing purposes will be hassle-free. Once you’re done with the washing, use a drying towel that comes in the kit to dry the records. It is one of the best record cleaning machines which is easy to use yet affordable.


Super safe to use.

Highly durable.

Easy to use.

Affordable product.

Cleans all types of vinyl.

Prevents crackles.

Smooth and balanced spin rollers.


Debris remains in the sink after prolonged use.

2. Isonic P4875II

The second product of our best record cleaning machines list is Isonic P4875II. This is the automatic record cleaner equipped with the ultrasonic power to clean the vinyl records like a pro in no time. Ultrasonic technology has already been famous in the world of vinyl, and isonic bring this technology for you.


It comes with the detachable motorized fixture, which can hold 5 to 10 records of 10 or ’12 inches at a time without any hassle. You can mount it on the top on any side as per your ease.


The product is embedded with the three ultrasonic sack transducers, which are superb enough to do the high-end cleaning and equipped with the ultimate power to remove the debris on the go.


A dedicated PCB controls each transducer and makes it work perfectly by providing optimum power to them. Moreover, you can also increase the temperature of the solution to 122-140F if required.


One has to set the timer according to the vinyl type and let the machine work. Before placing the record on the unit, make sure to heat the fluid, and the rest of the things will be done by the washer itself.


You can set the timer to 5 to 25 minutes for pre-set cleaning cycles. It comes with a hose that allows the water to drain on its own after every session. Isn’t it amazing? To dry to records quickly right after cleaning, you can use lab-grade Kim wipes that come with the package already.


Automatic washer.

Durable tank.

Solid buildup.

Excellent cooling system.

Efficient hose for water drainage.

Clean multiple records at a time.

Superior quality.

Impressive performance.


Overheating could damage the records.

3. Big Fudge Vinyl Record Cleaner

The Big Fudge Vinyl Record Cleaner’s next product in our list of best record cleaning machines. This product has a straightforward mechanism, and those on a budget should consider getting it. The cleaner is equipped with dual washing brushes, and an exclusive cleaning kit comes along with this product.


With this record cleaner, you can easily wash your vinyl and turn them into new effortlessly. This vinyl cleaner doesn’t just bring back the lost shine of the vinyl but also makes them smooth yet super clean.


It is equipped with everything you need, including a spinner machine, all-purpose cleaning cloth, cleaning solution, record rack, and a microfiber cloth. With the adjustable roller, you can clean different-sized records without any hitch, and the best thing is you’ll never complain about any scratches while working with this record cleaner.


On each wash cycle, you can easily clean 30 to 35 records, which means the kit is equipped with enough cleaning solution to remove debris from 500 albums on the go. The product is based on the dual wash system, and the twin washing brushes are created with ultra-soft microfiber that applies equal pressure on both sides to do the scratch-free, super amazing cleaning.


However, each vinyl will get clean in just a few spins, and you’ll enjoy getting back the smooth shine of every record player. Not only this, but the manufacturer pays equal attention to the drying system of the vinyl.


It comes with an all-purpose cleaning cloth and a microfiber towel that plays a vital role in drying and can hold around ten albums at a time. You need to rub the vinyl gently with the microfiber towel and place them back into the rack.


Overall, this is an amazing washer, with the premium quality and strong buildup available at affordable rates.


Smooth performance.

Scratch-free cleaning.

Enough fluid for 500 albums.

Dual wash system.

Lifetime warranty.

Hassle-free cleaning.

Best for daily maintenance.


Not work efficiently to clean deep grooves.

4. Vinyl Vac 33

Vinyl Vac 33 deserves an entry to our list of best record cleaning machines due to the high-end features. The vacuum wand is attached to the wet and dry vacuum to clean the grooves deeply. Due to the high precision mechanism, you’ll not need to spend extra on anything.


First things first, we select this product due to the super positive reviews of the customers about Vinyl Vac 33. One can easily attach the 1.25 dry/wet vacuum hose at the bottom before starting the procedure.


However, if you want to attach the wider hose, remove coupling, and you’re all set to go. With the o ring, you’ll get an excellent fitting between hose and wand.


Moreover, the twin suction reducers work perfectly to control the suction needed. To clean each vinyl precisely, vacuum power removes the debris deep within the grooves. You can rotate the vinyl smoothly on the washer with the help of soft velvet pads.


It also protects the records from any scratches or damage. This product works amazingly to lift each dirt and debris embedded on the vinyl for so long. After removing the wastes, play the vinyl and enjoy the true musical bliss.


Smooth velvet pads to keep vinyl safe.

Scratch-resistant operations.

Remove debris deeply within grooves.

Secures the record.

Effective cleaning.

Affordable product.


The spindle hole isn’t satisfactory.

The washer gets displaced after every wash.

5. Record Player VI

The final product on the list of best record cleaning machines is Record Player VI. This is the high-end machine that extracts the dirt and gunk from the vinyl by using vacuum suction results in super longevity of the product.


It comes with a powerful motor and is equipped with cleaning strips, making it safe yet easy to use. Before digging into the details, let me tell you the record washer has an amazing yet glossy black finishing.


This product has never disappointed the users in terms of efficiency and performance. It is equipped with a powerful motor placed at the spinner’s center that works quietly without bothering anyone.


With the easy-grip record turner mechanism, you can place the record securely for a fast cleaning session. Due to the protective felt strips, your record will be safe from scratches and stains. It only takes a few minutes to clean both sides of the vinyl and remove the moisture yet gunk from the grooves.


Another impressive thing is carbon fiber bristles embedded on the clean sweep applicator brush that offer smooth cleaning. It comes with an alcohol-free cleaning fluid that makes it clean and boosts the longevity of the product.


No pops and ticks.

Quiet operations.

Reliable cleaning machine.

Good for the old album cleaning.

Extends the life of albums.


Overheating issues.

Lacks of build quality.

Buying Guide

There’s no use in reading the details if you don’t know which factors matter the most while purchasing the best record cleaning machines. No worries, we’re here to help you.


After reviewing different products, we create a detailed buying guide that’ll help you get the best from the rest. Let’s move towards the details:

Manual Or Automatic

First things first, before checking any other feature, you need to decide whether you want an automatic cleaning machine or the manual one. Most users opt for the manual machine as these machines provide great control to the user and allow them to make the changes as per their need or choice.


However, the motorized cleaners come with the timer setting and bath heater that clean the vinyl and provide you with good control. In the automatic washing machine, you’ll also need to do some manual settings. Get yourself the one that goes with your requirements and budget.

Cleaning Fluid

The next factor that matters the most is the cleaning fluid. The cleaning fluid mainly decides how many vinyls can get clean at a time.


Higher the cleaning fluid, more disks will be cleaned and vice versa. Get yourself the cleaner equipped with high-end cleaning properties to lift away all the dirt and grease on the go.

Groove or surface cleaner

This mainly depends on the disks you have that need to be cleaned as the older disks require a deep cleaning within the grooves while the newer disk just needs maintenance daily. We’d suggest you go for the machine that does the cleaning efficiently yet accurately.


Is it necessary to get a record cleaning machine?

Well, it depends on your preferences. If you want to keep your record collection safe and new, then you should go for the record cleaning machine; otherwise, you’ll end up losing your precious albums in a few weeks.

How to clean vinyl records?

With the help of a cleaning machine, removing debris from the vinyl records is not a problem anymore. Place the record in the machine, rotate it twice or thrice as recommended. After removing every bit of debris, take it out and gently dry it with the cleaning cloth or microfiber towel, or anything advised by the machine’s manufacturer.

Is it safe to use vinegar for cleaning?

One can use a small amount of vinegar for cleaning. But the disadvantage of using vinegar is it’s acidic and could create a problem for you if you live in a climate where the mildew ratio is high.


Without the best record cleaning machines, maintaining our special records would’ve been a difficult task. By using the cleaning machines, your albums will remain fresh and new. We’ve discussed the five best record cleaning machines in detail above.


Go for the one that suits your needs. A cleaning machine is necessary if you’re an audiophile and want to keep the records safe.

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