Stanton STR8150 Review: Great Option For DJ’s

Stanton STR8 DJ turntable is a new breed, perfect for the modern digital DJ. Other types of turntables have been discontinued slowly throughout the years and new ones are taking their positions. Stanton’s STR8 150 comes at a great price and is definitely the best dj turntable for the money when compared with all the others on the market.


  • Incredibly high Torque direct-drive motor.
  • You can change the start and brake speeds as you wish.
  • 3 Speeds: 33RPM, 45RPM, and 78RPM
  • Durable and heavy body that is ideal for Dj’s.
  • Plugs into audio/video receiver, CD-R, and PC/MAC sound cards.
  • Solid straight tonearm that is adjustable in terms of height.
  • Platter is made of aluminum die-cast and offers great stability.
  • The tonearm is ideal for Dj’s, but not for listening to vinyl records.

Why To Buy The STR8150?

It is right that there are lots of digital methods that overthrow turntables but they are still useful and popular amongst DJs. They can’t easily disappear, the same way as the telephone didn’t stop letters, nor TV stopped radio and neither internet will kill the newspapers.

Here are the two main reasons for using this specific turntable:

1. It’s needed for Serato Scratch and Traktor Scratch users.

2. If you want to be training using the equipment in DJ Boots – You need a solid DJ turntable to train yourself at home.

Before we move on, let’s take a brief moment to explain the differences between the STR8150 and the famous Technics 1210.

Difference between STR8150 and Technics 1210

Technics decks were extremely popular in the past and if you have used them, then this paragraph is going to be interesting for you. Both turntables have their similarities and differences.

The newer deck is heavier with about 4 kilos, 16 currently, which means that the damping of the vibrations will be superb. The motor in STR8150 has a higher torque than Technics, which is better.

STR8 has some extra features but other than that it looks pretty much the same. The pitch control is even better than the one of his ancestor. The difference comes in the straight tonearm, from where the name comes. It is designed this way to minimize the inward and outward force of the needle while the S-shaped one maximizes fidelity. Another great benefit is the tracking. For those who prefer more fidelity and a longer tonearm, then the ST.150 is the one for them which, obviously, is S-Shaped. Other differences concerning the turntable are cosmetic. The lightning is blue, the record surface light is white and there is some new stuff added and some old missing like the lid.

It’s important to be noted that this is the second STR8150 which is superior and a lot different from the first one which was more similar to Technics.

Features Added From The Original Technics

Stanton is the modern version of Technics, which was designed in 1970 and it’s slightly outdated. Below we have outlined a list of new features that came out with the evolution of this company:

  • Pitch Lock button above the pitch control that stops the pitch fader from working by locking it. This will send the fader back to 0% without using the fader.
  • The range of the pitch fader can be adjusted from +/-8% to +/-50%, which is great for mixing.
  • Key Lock is an awesome new feature created for cheating while holding beat mixes together
  • The Reverse is a feature that stuffs the motors for under a second.
  • The speed at which Stanton gets up to speed and stops can be changed through the start/brake speed controls.
  • Stanton’s turntable has line-outs that can deliver the amazing volume of the CD player. This means that you won’t to pre-amp in your mixer.
  • Digital coaxial available for plugging directly into SPDIF for recording
  • There’s a switchable ground that will prevent the buzz without the necessity of another ground.
  • There is a second Start/Stop placed in the top left for those who rotate their turntables 90 degrees counter-clockwise.
  • Unlike Technics, STR8 comes with a high quality cartridge and a needle that are simply great.

What’s The Actual Experience of The STR8150?

Our overall experience with the turntable was amazing and it’s a simple DJ-ing instrument that has a high torque, steady pitch, and awesome tracking.

With Stanton, you forget about the basic turntable problems given the fact that it provides an excellent performance. The only downside to this turntable is the fact that the straight tonearm can damage records unless you favor a conical/spherical stylus. With that said, if you are looking for a turntable to listen to records, SKIP this. If you are an aspiring DJ looking for a valuable and reasonably priced turntable, then BUY this now.

Setup Guide: What You Need To Play This Turntable

Like most of the upper tier turntables out there, the Stanton STR8150 too doesn’t come with a built-in preamp. However, if you already have got a dedicated phono input, you will not need to buy the preamp separately as it’s already integrated in a phono input slot.

Similarly, you would also need to get a nice set of speakers, unless you already have a complete stereo system and are just looking to replace your turntable.

Concluding Thoughts

This turntable is not worth the money for ripping vinyl, but if you want an analogue for actual DJ-ing then you need the brilliance of the STR8150. If you are a DJ who wants a turntable for sampling and mixing vinyl then this is something that’s more than worth the money.

The features and flexibility that it offers are totally worth the price. This amazing turntable was released in 2005 taking Technics spot under the lights. And lastly, by choosing the STR8150 you know that you’re going to have something that will last even in the next 20 years with proper care.


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