6 Best Crosley Turntables in 2023 [Buyer Guide]

Best Crosley Turntable

When I start using turntables, I’ve checked each of them available in the market to find the best ones that meet my requirements and taste too. After reviewing multiple items available in the market, I’ve found the 6 Best Crosley turntables of the rest.

Listening to vinyl albums isn’t only a habit but it’s a therapy for your bad mood. Why not make your me-time a little more interesting yet best by playing all your favorite vinyl albums on the go.

There are so many brands available in the market but we choose Crosley for our valuable users due to its supreme quality, good buildup, clear sound, and excellent longevity.

Honestly, the moment I start digging into the world of the turntable, I realized people are more into this brand, own and loved it too.

Let’s move toward our list of the 6 best Crosley turntables along with the detailed buying guide that’ll help you choose the best from the rest.

Top 6 Best Crosley Turntable in 2023

1. Crosley Cruiser Deluxe

This is one of the best yet iconic turntables by Crosley which is loved and appreciated by so many users. It has received excellent ratings and good reviews too. The item comes in a very stylish yet trendy suitcase shell and has built-in speakers so that means you’ll not need to purchase new speakers.

Due to the high probability carrying it from one place to other is plain sailing. The turntable has a compact design that not only makes it stronger but also it’ll require less space on your shelf. It has a vinyl wrapping around it that gives this turntable a great look yet an amazing texture. Not only this but due to the excellent wrapping, the durability of the turntable increases too.

It is based on the belt-driven design which means the item is equipped with the belt drive which is good enough, especially for beginners. However, the item has a manual tonearm which means you’ll have to turn on or off the needle manually. Some of the users love the manual operations while others hate it.

Due to the built-in Bluetooth connectivity option, you can wirelessly connect the timetable to any speaker to stream any of your favorite songs with great sound. Furthermore, the item comes with pitch control and offers 3 speeds including 33 1/3, 45, and 78 RPM so you can play any album effortlessly. Lastly, it has a dynamic speaker with the full range and comes with the RCA plus headphones jack output facilities.


Excellent sound quality

Great buildup

Super durable

Built-in speakers

Bluetooth connectivity

Good for beginners

3-speed operations

Adjustable pitch



Not compatible with plug-in speakers

2. Crosley CR6016A

The second item in our list of best Crosley turntables is Crosley CR6016A. If you’re looking for a portable turntable then this one is for you. It is best for those who required a turntable with a great design yet high portability. It has a suitcase-style design and a retro appearance that attracts most vinyl users. The right portion of this item is designed in a perfect way to give it the appearance of the speaker’s head.

It contains a diamonds stylus needle and is based on the belt drive mechanism that makes it easier to handle yet hassle-free to use. This turntable is constructed with a thermoplastic polymer that makes it highly resistant to heat protecting the hardware inside. It plays the albums on 3 speeds including 1/3, 45, and 78 RPM.

However, it has a manual return tonearm which means you’ll have to place the needle back to its position manually. The item has a portable audio input that allows you to play the songs through mp3 or smartphones. Moreover, the product has a USB option too through which you can play the songs by connecting the turntable to the windows or MAC. Lastly, the product has a full range of speakers through which you can play your favorite songs at high volume as per your choice.


Super probable

Amazing design

Belt drive mechanism

Resist heat amazingly

3-speed options

Full-range speakers

Balanced tonearm

Good quality


Some users aren’t satisfied with the speed

3. Crosley CR42

Let’s move towards our next incredible product by Crosley named Crosley CR6251A which comes with excellent features and great reviews. When turntables become popular one of the main designs which becomes popular back then was the entertainment center.

It comes with built-in speaker properties and is based on the very classic type that will give your corner an excellent appearance. Due to the improvements in the mechanism of Crosley, this turntable comes with excellent quality yet clear sound. It is a wood-styled turntable that’ll surely boost the appearance of your room.

It offers three speeds and comes with a belt drive mechanism that allows you to play the music at offered speed effortlessly. As we said this item is based on the entertainment system design which means you can play cassette, CD, and record player on it without any trouble. Moreover, it comes with dynamic full-range speakers that allow you to play music with excellent sound. Lastly, the product offers you to connect with the Mp3 or any audio device portably.


Good design

3 in 1 entertainment center

Dynamic full-range speakers

Clear sound

Excellent quality

Compact design

Portable audio ready


Not so long-lasting

4. Crosley CR6251A

Fourth on our list of best Crosley turntables is Crosley CR6251A. it is based on the belt drive mechanism and offers you to run the albums on three speeds including 33 1/3, 45, and 78RPM as per your requirements. The item comes with Bluetooth and wired connectivity options so you can choose the one that you required effortlessly.

With the Bluetooth connectivity, you can easily connect it with any speakers and mp3 players to play the songs of your choice. It is equipped with dynamic full-range speakers so you’ll not need to spend any extra dollars to get the speakers separately.

However, in case you required high-end sound then you can go for the new speakers. It contains a headphone jack, auxiliary input, and RCA audio output as well. Due to the metal and resin handle, you can easily carry it anywhere. Lastly, the item is super durable yet portable so traveling along your favorite turntable is not a hassle anymore.


Rugged construction

Super durable


Easy to handle

Bluetooth connectivity option

3 speeds and full-range speakers


Distorted sound

Speed isn’t satisfactory

5. Crosley CR8017A

Let’s move towards another impressive turntable by Crosley which is famous for the clear sound and high quality. The Crosley CR8017A has a vintage-inspired design that gives it a classic appearance and also adds charm to the overall appearance of the room. Same as other turntables, this one also offers 3 speeds including 33 1/3, 45, and 78 rpm which means you can easily play the latest or oldest vinyl albums without any hitch.

It has a built-in Bluetooth connectivity option that allows you to play the songs or make a connection with any speaker wirelessly. Due to the wireless connectivity streaming music from stereo speakers is not a hassle anymore. Moreover, if you have any issues with the pitch simply switch to the pitch setting and adjust it as per your requirements.

To enjoy your time or for private listening, you can use the headphone jack too. It comes in a suitcase-like box with a comfortable handle that allows you to move anywhere anytime with your turntable. With the RCA audio outputs, you can connect the turntable to the existing speakers or make additions to the speakers for any party night.


3 speeds

Wireless connectivity

Headphone jack & RCA output

Excellent quality

Good for beginners

Comfortable to handle


The cover buildup isn’t satisfactory

The sound is not up to the mark

6. Crosley CR704B

Every item by Crosley has amazing specs and Crosley CR704B is one of them. We choose it for our list of best Crosley turntables due to its good rating and amazing reviews. First of all, this turntable comes with the Bluetooth connectivity option that let it connect to any speaker or other devices wirelessly. By using the Bluetooth feature you can stream all your favorite songs without any hassle.

It comes with the belt drive system that features 3 play speeds including 33 1/3, 45, and 78 RPM. The turntable offers the portable audio-ready option to its users which means you can easily plug it into your phone or MP3 player to play the audios of your choice. Moreover, the turntable has a variety of playing options, which means you can play CD, cassette, and AM/FM as per your choice and requirement. It is equipped with a full range of stereo speakers that help you in playing any songs without spending money on purchasing any other speakers for your turntable.


Satisfactory quality

Smooth sound

Bluetooth connectivity

Portable audio options

Equipped with speakers

Three speeds


Manual instructions are difficult to read

The buildup is not up to the mark

Buying Guide

In this article, we’ve mentioned the 6 best Crosley turntables in detail, but choosing one best could be hard for you. No worries we’re here to help. In this buying guide, we’ll discuss a few key points that’ll help you purchase the best from the rest. Let’s move towards the details to make a worthy investment instead of crying over spilled milk.


First of all, check how much budget you’ve to spend on the turntable. Make sure to check whether the amount you’ve lies in the middle budget, low budget, or high category. After categories, your amount, move towards purchasing the items that fall under your limits. Get yourself the one that is worth your money.


It is one of the important features to consider when you’re going to opt for a turntable. The turntables with poor quality will get a break or out of order in no time. Make sure to check if the buildup is strong, which quality material is used and how the performance of the turntable is.


You need to check if the turntable works at your desired speed or not. By that, we mean, that not every album can be played at the same speed so you need to get yourself the turntable that meets the album requirements. Suppose you need to play any old types of vinyl then make sure to run them on 45 or 78 RPM. This will only be possible if your turntable offers 3 speeds.

Bluetooth connectivity

No doubt the wired connectivity option is good but connecting your turntable wirelessly to speakers or any device has its charm. You’ll not need to create a mess of wires instead switch on the Bluetooth and connect the device effortlessly. Isn’t it amazing? So it’d be great if you choose the wireless turntable for yourself.


Some of the turntables come with the manual tonearm settings while others come with the automatic operations. This is all your choice, if you manually place the needle while starting or when the album gets finished then that is great otherwise going for the automatic one is the best option.


Is it true that Crosley turntable ruined vinyl?

No, this isn’t specific to the Crosley. In general, if you purchase any turntable whose needle continuously rubs off the records you play results in breaking or ruining of vinyl.

What is one famous feature of Crosley turntables?

If you’re someone who required a turntable with great portability then go for the Crosleys. This turntable comes lightweight and is available in small sizes.

How do boost the sound from turntables?

To make the sound better you can use the phono preamp along with the built-in speakers which are available in most of the Crosley turntables.


Above, we’ve mentioned all the details related to the best Crosley turntables. You can choose the one that meets your budget, requirements, and style too. We’ll not suggest you, anyone, as everyone has their requirements when it comes to purchasing anything. However, you can take our help in buying the right product by telling all your requirements in the comment section and we’ll help you choose the one best.

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