Best Turntable Stands [Top 5 Picks 2023]

Best Turntable Stands

If you’re a record player owner, you might need a special stand to keep it safe and sound. Your record player will stay safe with the adequate stand buildup with reliable material. How about organizing your vinyl albums along with the turntable in one place?

By purchasing the best turntable stand, you’ll be able to place your favorite collection along with the turntable. A right stand protects your item, adds style to your place, and shows everyone your love for the vinyl.

One should go for the turntable with unique style, strong construction, good quality, and most importantly, meets your needs. However, when you’re going out to find the best stand for turntable, you’ll come across hundreds of products available in the market.

What will you do then? How would you know which one is best for the rest? No worries, we are here to guide you in every way possible. With this detailed review about the best turntable stand and an easy-to-read buying guide, you’ll easily make a selection instead of spending days or months over it.

Let’s dive into the details now. Oh, wait!! No time to dig into the details? Don’t worry. Check out our two top products, the Novogratz Concord Turntable stand or the Crosley ST66-MA turntable stand.

5 Best Turntable Stands

1. Novogratz Concord Turntable Stand

Do you need the best turntable stand with drawers where you can keep all your essential vinyl? This one is for you then. This product is covered with the brown color created with the particleboard and equipped with MDF making it a strong yet long-lasting stand.

The stand has black metal hairpin legs that provide great stability and minor chances of stand slippage. It is a double-wide stand that offers enough space for speakers, vinyl, and record players.

As the stand contains two large cubies divided with the metal helps keep your albums upright, organized so you’ll get all your favorite collections in one place. It has a retro look that will surely add a classic touch to your whole decoration.

This is the single store for all your music equipment. It is embedded with the drawer having no lock but is quite easy to open. You can use that drawer to keep the albums, remote control, or anything of your choice. The stand can easily hold 60 pounds of weight, and each cubby can hold 20 pounds which is quite impressive.

Furthermore, each drawing can handle a 15lbs weight, so it should be stored in it accordingly. When it comes to assembling the product does not take hours. It is hassle-free to set up, and after assembling, the stand dimensions will be 31.8H x 39.7W x 18D.

Moreover, the stand is undoubtedly stylish and budget-friendly. That means you can get a turntable stand of good quality, strong buildup, simple assembling, impressive appearance, and good holding capacity at such an affordable rate.


  • Stylish stand.
  • Affordable.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Sturdy buildup.
  • Impressive weight load capacity.
  • Super functional.


  • No holes for wiring.

2. Crosley ST66-MA

Second, in the list of best turntable stands is Crosley ST66-MA. This stand is handcrafted with hardwoods and veneers based on the mid-century modern style. You can easily place it anywhere in your living room or bedroom due to the classic design and wooden color.

It can hold up to 20 records, and the area is covered with the wire to keep the records safe yet organized. Assembling doesn’t require any high-end bolts or nuts. It is quite easy to set up and covered with multiple hand-rubbed finishes to match your home interior perfectly.

Wait!! If you have a Crosley turntable, what else could be more perfect than coarsely st66-MA stands for it. This is undoubtedly a beautiful companion to your turntable that’ll not only keep it safe and organized but also enhance its looks. After assembling, the stand’s dimensions will be 18.5 x 25 x 13.75 inches. The product can hold weight up to 10lbs, which is not bad.


  • Attractive design.
  • Simple assembling.
  • Vinyl storage cabinet.
  • Strong buildup.
  • Quite stable.
  • Good storage capacity.


  • Lacks durability.

3. Way Basics Record Stand

This is the best turntable stand created with recycled materials, and it’s not wood but better than it. The product is created with the eco-friendly, strong yet sustainable zboard, non-toxic. Not only this, but the stand is also free from VOC and formaldehyde.

It comes with a lifetime guarantee, so don’t worry about the breakage issues at all. You can call it a one-time investment. When it comes to assembling the product doesn’t take hours at all. It has tool-free assembly, which means you’ll not need any professional help or high-end tools to set this stand.

You need to peel off the 3M adhesive strips and use the easy aligning pins for putting each part together. Isn’t it as easy as ABC? The next amazing thing this record stand can easily hold 30 pounds of weight.

It is created to stand upright, so you’ll not need to place it on the back or side. After complete assembling, the stand’s dimensions will be 14.2W, 18.0H, and 29.1D inches. This stand is made to fit the vinyl records and a turntable.

It allows you to organize your favorite record collection, make them more prominent yet fashionable. Due to the tons of space, you can place all your collection without any hitch.


  • Toxic-free material.
  • 100% recyclable.
  • Made up of strong patented material.
  • Eco-friendly.
  • Tool-free assembly.
  • Superb durable.


  • Not stable.

4. Pangea Vulcan Turntable Stand

The second last product we have on the list of best turntable stands is the Pangea Vulcan Turntable stand. This stand has great storage for the record player and vinyl. It has three shelves created with rigid material that supports the turntable and the vinyl or other components.

The bottom is specially designed to store 100+ vinyls records. This stand provides strong support to the turntable and records. It is easy to expand and hassle-free assembly. It is vinyl-covered storage shelves with excellent storage capacity.

The product has a steel frame and super thick shelves. This turntable stand is based on the steel bolt-together stand design and is equipped with strong steel braces providing great support to the stand. It has tapered cone feet with carpet piercing spikes, so you can easily place It anywhere without worrying about falling issues.

Furthermore, the product can hold 80 pounds of weight, which is impressive, right? Are you an audiophile? This superior quality stand with the strong buildup and high storage capacity is absolutely for you.

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Due to the steel X braces, the strength of the stand increases, and vibrations or lateral motions will be minimized. Each shelf has an excellent thickness and comes with a 27.5 inches height which is good in terms of rigidity plus easy usage. Lastly, the product has scratch-resistant and stain-resistant finishing, making this stand durable yet attractive.


  • Heavy-duty stand.
  • Scratch-resistant & stain-resistant finishing.
  • Steel frame.
  • Super durable.
  • Maximum strength.
  • Super stable.
  • Affordable.


  • Poor feet design.
  • Finishing isn’t up to the mark.

5. Vefunk Record Player Stand

Lastly, we have a vefunk record player stand in the list of best turntable stands. The top shelf of this stand is created with high-quality metal and is quite wider to place the turntable along with any other component effortlessly.

It is well built and compact, so placing it in any corner is not a problem due to the excellent quality material. It is equipped with a vinyl holder and detachable racks to place more than 120 vinyl. So all your favorite collections of every type will be at the same place.

Moreover, one can adjust the divider as per their need and requirement. Furthermore, the item can be assembled in less than five minutes. You need eight screws and follow each instruction given by the manufacturer to make the setup in no time. If you’re looking for a turntable stand for a small room or area, this one is for you.

After completely assembling, the overall dimensions of this record player stand are 23.62 H x 13.78 w x 19.69L. Due to the crafting with high-quality materials, don’t worry about longevity.


  • Well-build stand.
  • Holds 120 records.
  • Assembly is easy for you.
  • Stylish design.
  • Adjustable rack.
  • Compact.
  • Lightweight.


  • Bad finishing.
  • Little wobbly.

Buying Guide

Are you a beginner at purchasing the turntable stand? Have you been confused about which one to choose? No worries, we are here to help you. One should focus on a few factors while purchasing the best turntable stand. Let’s look at them in detail:


Everyone needs a record player that keeps each of your important stuff safe and sound, right? But how about purchasing the one with a great design that can blend with your furniture seamlessly? When it comes to products like turntable stand that you need to place in your room, looks matter the most. Make sure to purchase the product with the attractive yet stable design with your furniture and add class to your entire room look.


The next important factor to consider is the capacity of the turntable. Check if the turntable stand has the capacity of storing your vinyl and turntable or not. Before making any purchase ask yourself a few questions, including how many records you have? How many records you’re going to buy in the coming days? Then purchase the turntable whose storing capacity goes with your needs.

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This is one of the important factors to consider when you’re going out to purchase the turntable stand. Price is undoubtedly the major decision to take before buying anything. First of all, you get what you pay for and secondly some of the products have incredible features at an affordable price. But we’d suggest you never settle for less instead of spending some extra to purchase the best from the rest.


There are stands created with the glass, but we don’t add them to our list due to durability issues. This shows durability matters the most when you invest in something new and useful. Everyone wants their things to last long. If we talk about wood, it could also get damaged if you keep the stand in an area where moisture or sun exposure is high. Your one awkward step can ruin your investment. That’s why make sure to purchase the turntable with good material that lasts long.


What should be the height of the turntable?

Well, it mainly depends on your needs and requirements. Each turntable has its separate dimensions. But generally, people prefer the turntable with 45 inches in height.

Is It Necessary to have shelves or cabinets in a turntable stand?

Honestly, if you ask for my opinion, we’d suggest you go for the turntable stand with the cabinets, drawers, and shelves. In this way, you’ll get a secure place to easily store each of your favorite vinyl and every component related to the turntables. Sounds good, right?

Which material is good for the turntable stand?

There are so many turntables available in the market created with different materials. Some are made up of glass, wood, while others are created with metal or steel. Get yourself the one that goes with your requirements. Otherwise, we’d suggest you go for wood or metal, which is strong yet stable. If we talk about glass, then you never know which awkward step of yours leads to its breakage.

Should a turntable stand be lightweight?

No, it’s not necessary to purchase a lightweight turntable stand. You can go for the turntable of any size and weight that suits you in every way.


In this article, we’ve mentioned the best turntable stand in detail, along with a comprehensive buying guide. Get yourself the one that goes with your budget and requirements. Undoubtedly, if you have a turntable, purchasing a stand for it is the basic need. In this way, you’ll be able to keep everything related to the turntable in one place. With the right turntable stand, you can keep your stand and your important vinyl collection safe.

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