Best Headphones For Vinyl [Top 5 Picks Reviews 2023]

Most people prefer speakers as it’s the most common choice for vinyl lovers as speakers offer you great sound to fill your room with your favorite music. But there are times when you need some private space to enjoy your own company by playing the album of your choice.

At times, your room fellow is not in a mood to listen to any music, and then in that situation, headphones will be your only friend. Moreover, if installing speakers are your place is difficult due to any reason, you can still enjoy your favorite vinyl album with your headphones.

You’ll not need to worry about anything or anyone by purchasing high-end cans. Each headphone varies from the other in terms of detailing, dynamic, and cost. If you’ve purchased a good pair of headphones, then nothing can stop you from enjoying the rich tones and warm sound.

Without wasting more time, let’s take a look at the best headphones for vinyl, along with a comprehensive buying guide. Wait!! Not in a mood to read so many details? No worries, you can check out these two amazing products, including Beyerdynamic DT 770 or Beyerdynamic DT 990.

5 Best Headphones For Vinyl in 2023

1. Beyerdynamic DT 770

This is the first product on our list of best headphones for vinyl. The price of this product is high, but if you can afford it, then nothing will stop you from enjoying the music to the fullest. It provides rich sound and is already famous for its super-adjustable properties and high comfort.

Moreover, the product offers premium sound quality and has ultra-low bass sound. Those who’re looking for a supreme pair of headphones that allows you to enjoy the vinyl without any hassle, then go for this one.

It is super comfortable to wear for longer without developing any earache. The product works perfectly to block all the environmental noise and delivers the exact sound to you.

These are mainly built for the studio, which means the product is good enough to listen to your records effortlessly. For most of us, what matters the most is sound quality, as most headphones come with heavy bass issues already.

These headphones have a fast response and render every finest detail. When it comes to design, the headphones have an older look like it is covered with the metal headband, equipped with circular ear cups plus a permanently attached cable.

Size might be the issue for some users, but the design shows how comfortable these are. The padding that covers your ear is very soft to touch, and the shape of the cover allows you to wear it in any position.

Moreover, it has an adjustable headband embedded with a built-in dial that makes the adjustments for you quickly yet hassle-free.


Supreme quality.

Super comfortable to use.

Excellent sound quality.

Amazing design.


Impressive impedance.

Ultra-low bass sound.


The cable is not detachable.

2. Beyerdynamic DT 990

These headphones are the best choice for mixing, mastering, editing, casual listening, or studio use. The model is quite durable and super comfortable to wear for hours without putting you in any trouble.

It is one of the best headphones for vinyl due to its durable construction, highly comfortable ear cuffs, and clean sound. They deliver a high-end sound and provide you the great comfort too.

If you’re looking for highly comfortable headphones that you can wear for a long duration, you should go for this one. However, if portability is your concern, then we’d suggest you keep looking as it is not travel-friendly at all.

The product is made of plastic, has a thick metal headband, and is covered with thin material. However, the foam padding is super amazing and makes it one of the comfortable headphones in the market.

They offer the right amount of bass and impressive sound quality despite the lower price tag. These will never overpower the vocals, which is a plus point, so you’ll perfectly enjoy the vocals, instruments of any genre of your choice.

When it comes to playing the vinyl, you’ll surely fall in love with the warm record sounds and allows you to notice each detail that you might not have noticed before. The product is adjustable, and due to the U frame, the ear cups will stay at their place, increasing durability.



Thick padding.

Highly comfortable.

Superb sound quality.

Precise yet clean sound.

Super light to wear.

Easily handle bass-heavy songs.


Not so durable.

3. Audio Technica ATH-M40x

Are you a DJ? Do you need monitoring headphones of professional quality? You’ve landed at the right place. These headphones are perfect for the DJs and work impressively amazing for home listening.

Whether you need headphones for casual listening, to enjoy vinyl, gaming, in-studio use, or for DJ purposes, this one is perfect for you. It is highly versatile and comfortable to use. You can listen to your favorite vinyl whenever you want with this product.

This combo of excellent quality and solid buildup is available at such amazing rates. It has a bulky design, matte black finishing, and heavily cushioned ear cups that are super comfortable.

Although the headband is not so padded, it has no negative impact on the overall performance of this product. The ear cup can rotate freely and is foldable to take them along while traveling easily.

As the product is created by keeping monitoring in mind, it does not have any Bluetooth connectivity options. It is equipped with two cables and a locking connector. Although the headphones can’t handle bass properly, you never feel any distortion while listening to your favorite music.

In terms of volume, the product is quite suitable for the professional and the casual listener. Due to the compact over-ear design, the sound leaking chances will be zero, and with the durable construction, the product lasts longer.


Foldable cups.

Great ear padding.

Studio quality sound.

No distortion issues.

Impressive buildup.

Highly durable.



No heavy bass.

4. Sennheiser HD280PRO

This is another budget-friendly product in our list of best headphones for vinyl. If you don’t have hundreds of dollars to spend on headphones and need some affordable ones, you should be mentally prepared to compromise on a few things.

With the Sennheiser HD280PRO, the compromising feature is portability. Otherwise, this is an amazing product equipped with superb sound quality.

These dynamic headphones come lightweight, so you can wear them for a longer duration without feeling any weight on your head. It has an extended frequency response and provides a warm sound that’ll surely give you a soothing feel while listening to your favorite music.

The headphones are based on the over-ear design, equipped with superb padded ear cups, and have an adjustable headband that ensures high comfort to the user.

This item was mainly designed for studio monitoring, but you can use it for vinyl listening due to the higher sensitivity and lower impedance level. It may lack some bass, but still, you can enjoy different types of vinyl and clean sounding.

Due to the closed-back, you can use them in loud environments without being worried about any distortions due to the closed-back. Even in the louder environments, your surroundings will not disturb you while playing the music of your choice.

They have enough capability for active noise cancellation. It is equipped with a thick cable which is permanently attached. Although the headphones have bulky cable, the heavy design still storing or transporting it is not a problem.



Multi-purpose headphone.

Superb passive noise cancelation.

Comfortable to use.

Thick padding for easy usage.

Durable product.


Not work great with the sound having heavy bass.

Equipped with permanently attached cable.

5. GRADO SR80e

Lastly, we have GRADO SR80e on our list of best headphones for vinyl. These are the classic headphones that were mainly designed back in the 80s. The manufacturer has made slight improvements and changes in this product throughout the years to make it the best seller.

Some people love to have a retro design turntable and pair it with headphones having a retro look. It does have amazing retro styling and has an affordable price and excellent sound quality.

These headphones have an amazing soundstage and are best to use at home or studio as it does not block the environmental noise. That’s why it is advised not to use them in public places.

Undoubtedly, the headphones come with an unusual fitting and are equipped with firm ear cups. The headband of this product is created with spring steel and is not covered with any padding.

It is based on a pinch-free design so that you can remove the headphones easily without any hassle. The headphones have a flexible design, but unfortunately, it is not so comfortable or adjustable initially, but after you break-in, it becomes so comfortable for you.

Moreover, the headphones ear can swivel freely, so you can make the custom fitting if required. It offers a sharp sound with superb dynamics. The mixing of treble and mids also provides mid-range details and a good bass punch.

Overall, the product is quite durable as it is created with basic plastic and metal components. It is equipped with a fixed cable which is not upgradable.


Excellent dynamics.

Low price.

Crystal clear treble and mids.

Superb bass punch.

Good longevity.


Sound leakage issues.

Not suitable for tracks with heavy bass.

Buying Guide: How to Choose Best Headphone For Vinyl

If you’re a die heart fan of vinyl records and want to enjoy your private time by playing your favorite albums at full volume, then you should purchase the best headphones for vinyl. By choosing the right model, not only your time but your budget also be saved. Here we will discuss a few points that you should consider to make the right purchase.


When you purchase the headphones, make sure to check two things, one is the sound quality and the other construction quality. One has to go for the headphone that provides you the warm sound with deep detailing so that you’ll not miss anything. You might not want a model with a deeper bass response, but you need one with a superb frequency range that ensures high-end sound quality. Most audiophiles prefer listening to the warm sound quality. That’s why go for the product that ensures supreme sound quality and sturdy buildup.


There is no use of the headphone if it’s not comfortable. That’s why you should consider buying a pair of headphones that provides the ultimate comfort. By that, we mean check the headphone padding and go for the one with thick plus soft padding.

In this way, you’ll enjoy your favorite songs for hours without getting any earache. Do not just check the sound quality as there is no use in torturing your ears by purchasing an uncomfortable headphone with supreme sound quality.

Noise cancellation

Not everyone prefers listening to the vinyl by sitting in the corner of the room. Some people want to enjoy their vinyl albums by sitting at their favorite coffee shop. That’s why you should check the noise cancellation feature in the headphone to enjoy the clean sound with no distortions while sitting in any crowded area.


This is one of the most important factors to consider when purchasing headphones. We suggest you spare the amount that you want to spend on the vinyl and go for the one that falls under your budget limit. If you want to purchase a budget-friendly product, be ready to compromise on a few features.


Is it easy to listen to vinyl through headphones?

Yes, using the headphones to listen to your favorite vinyl albums is the best option, especially if you’re someone who enjoys their own company. With the right headphones, you can enjoy each vinyl detail without any distortions.

How to connect headphones with a turntable?

To play the music normally, you shouldn’t connect the headphones directly to the turntable. One should use an amplifier to play the vinyl at an adequate level. There are different amps options available, including headphones or an integrated amp.

How to use Bluetooth headphones?

If you have a turntable with the built-in pre-amp, connect RCA output and transmitter. Once you connect the transmitter, then pair your Bluetooth turntable with any Bluetooth headphones on the go.


That’s all! You’ve got all the necessary information about the vinyl headphones along with the buying guide. Each of the products mentioned above has an amazing performance and good quality. These are the best headphones for vinyl, but tell us in the comment section if you want to discuss any other product with us. Best of luck!!

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