5 Best Turntables Under 500$ [ Buying Guide 2023]

Best Turntables Under 500

Whether you want to play the records, you found in your old house or want to explore the vinyl records deeply, there are so many options available in the market. Purchasing a suitable turntable [Best Turntables Under 500$ ] could help you enjoy the vinyl records effortlessly.

By getting the best turntable, we do not mean to go for the expensive one. You can also enjoy listening to your favorite music without spending thousands of dollars to create an ideal setup.

By that, we mean how about purchasing the best turntables under $500? It’ll not only save you money but help you play your all-time favorite music without any hassle.

Now the point is how to find the best turntables under 500$?

Well, we’ve already researched for you. After reviewing so many products, we end choosing the best five items for our valuable users.

In addition, we have already created a buying guide that’ll help you focus on the essential things to choose the best from the rest. Wait!! Are you in a rush? Don’t burden yourself by reading the complete article.

Just jump to two of our favorite products, including Victrola 8 in 1 Bluetooth record player and Victrola Nostalgic 6 in 1.

5 Best Turntables Under 500$

  1. Victrola 8 in 1 Bluetooth Record Player

This 8 in 1 Bluetooth record player speaks for itself already. By that, we mean the 8 functions embedded in this product are tested, and each works great. This is why we choose it at the top of our list of best turntables under $500.


It is a beautiful record player equipped with 8 ways to play the music efficiently yet amazingly. The product has a 3-speed turntable including 33 1/3, 45, 78 RPM so that you can play all your vinyl records and favorite albums on the go.

The player has Bluetooth connectivity to play the music wirelessly, so you’ll not need any frustrating wire to play the album of your choice. It comes with the 3.5mmAux-In jack that lets you play the music from the devices with no Bluetooth connectivity option.

This unit also contains a CD player, RCA, FM radio, headphone jack, and a USB player. Furthermore, with the built-in cassette player, you can enjoy listening to your favorite tapes effortlessly.

Don’t worry about making any additional purchases, as you’ll not require any stereo system or extra equipment to run this setup. When it comes to looks, the player does not disappoint us.

The old vintage looks combined with modern technology put this item in the limelight already and are considered the best turntable for beginners.


It features all the control you need, including a volume knob, power/play/pause/stop/reverse/forward button, hassle-free click buttons to select any input, FM turner, program, eject, shuffle, repeat, etc. and a full-function remote control.

Moreover, the product comes with expanded connection options like you can increase the sound to get the absolute pleasure of music by connecting it with the external speaker or amplifier. Nonetheless, to spend a me-time with your favorite music album, use the headphones.


8 in 1 record player.

No extra equipment is required.

Three-speed belt-driven turntable.

Excellent connectivity options.

Full-function remote control.

Beautiful appearance.

Energetic, full-range stereo speakers.

Bluetooth technology.

Hassle-free to use.


The CD player does not work correctly.

  1. Victrola Nostalgic 6 in 1

Second, in the list of best turntables under $500 is Victrola Nostalgic 6 in 1. This is the complete package of entertainment that comes with vintage looks and is equipped with modern features.

We say 6 in 1, which means you’ll enjoy vinyl records, CDs, cassettes, FM radio, stream music, Bluetooth connectivity, and Aux/headphone jack. Another fantastic thing about this vinyl record player is you’ll not need any stereo or extra equipment to run this item.

Just open the package, and run the player in no minutes. This item comes with solid looks mixed with the latest technology making it ideal for vintage enthusiasts especially. The product has a 3-speed belt-driven turntable which is quite impressive.

The speeds include 33 1/3, 45, and 78 RPM, so play the sound of your choice at the speed that suits you. It is equipped with the upgraded premium quality that provides clear, soothing music to your ears with minimal vibrations.

Whether you’re looking for a turntable for your office, bedroom, or living room, this will be a perfect choice. Furthermore, you can expand connection options. By that, we mean you can connect the external speakers or an amplifier to add thrill to your favorite music.

The output wattage required is 30 watts, and it has wired connectivity. It also shows compatibility with Bluetooth-enabled devices. This best cheap turntable is undoubtedly an excellent vintage piece with smart front paneling and genuine wood construction.


Built-in Bluetooth connectivity.

Nostalgic design.

Strong construction.

3-speed phono.

No additional equipment is required.

Highly versatile.


Good sound.


Not built to last long.

  1. 1 by One Belt Drive Turntable

Are you looking for a cheap turntable with wireless connectivity? This one is for you then. The 1 by one belt-drive turntable comes with all the features you could’ve asked for. It can be paired with Bluetooth headphones or speakers effortlessly.

To enjoy the wire-free amazing experience, and that gets even better when you’ll not need any receiver, then choose this one. It offers wireless connectivity and comes with the Audio Technica stylus.

The product has a diamond-tipped audio Technica stylus cartridge mainly created to produce high-end sounds with exclusive clarity. With this, you can track your record’s grooves precisely to get accurate yet high-definition audio.

In addition, with the tonearm counterweight along with the advanced anti-skating system, you’ll be getting a perfect playback for sure.

Due to this feature, the stylus will be balanced and works in your record’s groove deeply to protect it from damage, plus producing smooth stylus movement. However, this will be providing freedom from distortion and skipping.

It offers excellent connectivity options, so you can enjoy the vinyl playback with an amplifier of your choice by using the built-in magnetic type preamp. This best turntable under $500 comes with phono and line outputs both, so you can hassle-freely play the vinyl without or with a phono equalizer.

Lastly, you can do the vinyl recording through PC by connecting it to your computer with USB and can change the vinyl audio into MP3 effortlessly.


Impressive wireless connectivity.

Exclusive audio Technica stylus.

Adjustable counterweight force.

Superb connectivity options.

Easy setup.

Built-in phono preamp & line output.

Authentic belt-driven system.


Poor anti-skate properties.

  1. Audio Technica AT-LP3BK

Advanced features

Fourth in the list of best turntables under $500 is the Audio technical AT-LP3BK. With this product, you can take your analog experience to the next level as it is equipped with advanced features which are hard to find in automatic turntables.

Balanced straight tonearm and universal headshell

The product has a balanced straight tonearm and universal headshell ½, AT91R dual moving magnet phono cartridge that’ll surprise you with its high fidelity performance.

Hydraulically damped lift control

Due to the hydraulically damped lift control, the stylus will be safely and precisely lowered or raised at any point. To start this turntable, all you need to do is push the button to play and then lift it to sop.

Automatic operations

It shows that the product has fully automatic operations, and you’ll not need to adjust the tonearm manually every time you start it.

Anti-vibration damping materials

Furthermore, the product has been created with anti-vibration damping materials that provide you with clear sound and minimize the low-frequency feedback.

Two speeds of your choice

In addition, the resonance will be reduced further with the turntable die-cast’s aluminum platter along with the 4mm rubber damping mat. The next amazing thing is you can run the turntable on two speeds of your choice, including 33-1/3 or 45RPM.

Dual RCA

It comes with the built-in switchable phone preamp accompanied with the dual RCA output so you can make the connection with homo stereo easily.


Completely automatic operations.

Hydraulically damp lift control.

Switchable preamp modes.

Removable universal headshell.

Anti-resonance properties.

Damped base construction.


No tone arm lock.

The aluminum platter isn’t satisfactory.

  1. Victrola VSC-400SB

The last product we’ve on the list of best turntables under $500 is Victrola VSC-400SB. This three-speed belt-driven turntable lets you play the record player at 33 1/3, 45, or 78RPM.

It features premium sound quality and is equipped with sound isolating feet that work perfectly to reduce vibrations. You can easily take this turntable anywhere on the go as it comes with an easy-to-carry suitcase.

The product is based on retro and contemporary design offers you great flexibility so you can listen to your favorite music anytime, anywhere. It provides expanded connection options like you can stream the smartphone audio and enjoy hearing the music with the turntable’s built-in Bluetooth speakers.

In addition, you can also connect the external speakers with the RCA outputs or utilize the line input for the CD player. It is undoubtedly the best cheap turntable based on modern technology and equipped with advanced features. The item features an input select knob, auto-stop switch, power, and volume knob.


Stylish design.

No additional equipment is required.

Built-in Bluetooth speakers.

Easy to carry.

Three-speed belt-driven turntable.

Good quality.


Not do durable.

Dust cover is not reliable.

How to choose Best Turntables Under 500$ ?

Choosing a suitable turntable could be a hassle, especially when you’re opting for the affordable one. Would you mind purchasing a turntable with all the essential features for less than $500? Not, then what to worry for. We’ve already dug into the details and selected the major features that’ll help you choose the best from the rest. Let’s move towards the details:


When you purchase the best turntable under $500, the vital thing to check after seeing the price, reviews, quality, and construction is the preamp properties. There are turntables available in the market with a built-in preamp or without a preamp.

If you’re going to purchase a mid or low-range product, there are more chances of getting a turntable with the built-in preamp. However, in the high-end market, the turntable with a built-in preamp is less common.

The product with the preamp will have a LINE signal output, while without a built-in preamp, it’ll have PHONO signal output. For beginners or those looking for a cheap product, a built-in preamp will work perfectly fine.

Speed Modes

The next main feature to keep in mind when purchasing the best cheap turntable is the speed mode. Well, the turntables come with different speed modes, including 2, 3, or even 4. The most common speed offers by the turntable is 33 or 45RPM.

However, you’ll also get the product with 78 RPM or even more. Honestly, you can quickly run the full sizes albums or shingles at 33 and 45RPM.

Signal Output

Some turntables come with PHONO, while others have LINE signals. Do you know the difference? Let me shed some light on it for you. The turntable outputs a PHONO signal without a built-in preamp and needs an external one.

However, the LINE signal turntables are the one that comes with the built-in preamp. Purchasing the LINE signal will save you space, while the turntable with an external preamp can be upgraded or replaced easily. Now the choice is all yours.


One of the main problems people face while using the beginner level turntable is that you can’t replace or upgrade their part in case of any issue.

So we’d suggest you go for the modular ones that allow you to upgrade the product If needed. However, if you consider going for the turntable with no upgradability feature, then there’s no issue in it either.


Why do you need an amplifier for the turntable?

You’ll need an amplifier to produce a sound from the turntables because hooking it up directly with the speaker could be a hassle. By having an amp with the one phono preamp input, you’ll not require any additional equipment.

Is it okay to use computer speakers for turntables?

Yes, you can use any speaker of your choice for the turntable. Just connect the external speakers and enjoy your favorite music on the go.

Which is the right time to replace the record needle?

Well, you need to replace the record needle when it produces distorted sound or pops and clicks more than usual. However, how often you need the replacement depends on how much you use the record player.


In this article, we’ve mentioned the best turntables under 500$ in detail. Get yourself the one that suits your budget and needs.

Who does not enjoy playing their old favorite albums on record player loudly on weekends or blessing your ears with soft music on weekends? A budget-friendly turntable is an excellent choice to spend less and enjoy more for sure.

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