Audio Technica AT-LP60 Review: An Affordable Option

Audio Technica AT-LP60

Even though the vinyl revival has been the talk of the town, the Audio-Technica AT-LP60 is no newcomer to the party. After being in the market for 50 years, it has revived and reincarnated itself as the best entry level fully automatic belt-drive turntable which is highly affordable and bound to please any entry-level vinyl enthusiast, looking for a digital backup to their expanding record collection.

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It’s also ideal for any great Music buff that has a fabulous vintage vinyl collection and wants their LPs converted to a more usable modern format. The modern audiophile has all ingredients to kick back and relax at home or on-the-go. Let’s review some of its key aspects:

      • Fully automatic belt drive turntable
      • 2 speeds: 33.5 and 45RPM
      • Pre amp can be switched with RCA phono and RCA line
      • High quality aluminum platter
      • Comes with replacement stylus.
      • No USB, but there is a USB version of this turntable available.

Hall Mark Features

The unit comes with some flooring features. Available in four colors of red, black, silver and blue, its simple, sleek design oozes elegance. The unit is so light that it gives a flimsy feel in the hands. The unit is considered the best because it not only sounds terrific with a phono preamp and included cartridges but provides great flexibility, speed accuracy and allows digitization of your LP collection. It provides a very high quality source material for very good channel separation and vocal clarity.

Owning to its automated needle drop function, it makes listening and recording music a cakewalk. The speed button allows easy toggling between two playback speeds. Because the unit can directly plug in the external powered speakers or soundbars, it provides awesome sound while reducing any complexity with the unit.

Compared to other turntables, it is highly flexible its tone arms have adjustments to control vertical tracking angle, adjustable counterweight system and anti-skating features. Unlike other turntables it has a removable headshell which facilitates easy swapping between cartridges. It’s varied other features mentioned along with its specifications please any music lover.

Pros of The AT-LP60

Its best selling quality is that it is fully automatic and affordable. Its removable dust covers tend to get scratches but provide more than adequate protection to the player and records. Very easy to assemble and operate. Its USB port supports digital transfer. Its decent sound quality, replaceable stylus, magnetic cartridge and above all, its awesome customer support makes any customer feel like a king post purchase. No doubt that this is our choice for the top turntable under $100.

Cons of The AT-LP-60

Some of the common drawbacks agreed upon by experts on the unit are its apparent lack of hardwired RCA Cables and short RCA cables. The unit lacks any volume control or built in speaker. Its flimsy buttons are known to malfunction after some time but can be fixed by realigning the metal rods accessed by opening the unit from the bottom. Because of the lightweight, the needle tends to skip due to external vibrations.It also lacks any adjustment features like anti-skate and counterweight and shows a low recording level if done through USB.

The volume requires boosting through software. The biggest drawback of the unit is that it cannot be upgraded. Many customers complain of defective unit on arrival but its one year manufacturer’s warranty and awesome customer service ensures that the problem is resolved to satisfaction on a priority basis.

Beautiful and sleek design, especially for the price on the AT-LP60

Setup Guide: What You Need To Play This Turntable

The AT-LP60 comes with its own built-in switchable phono preamp, so you can connect it directly to powered speakers, your computer, or even your home stereo. Or if you love the stereo receiver to speakers combo, you can do that as well. All in all, it is a cheap option and it playing records just fine for the price you pay.

Concluding Thoughts

Compared to other similar priced entry level turntables, this unit successfully beat all others. This fully automatic turntable with its super easy assemblage and usage is a great asset for any average listener. While it is awesome to digitize your vinyl collection with some software usage, it is not an ideal choice for those who require a more professional turntable with better features.

In spite of few complaints we received during testing, its overall satisfaction curve is quite high and is highly recommended to any entry level music buff. The unit truly deserves all the good ratings and reviews received.

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