5 Best Turntable Mats For Money [Buying Guide 2023]

Best Turntable Mats

Are you an audiophile? Do you need the best turntable mat? Every vinyl lover knows that the right turntable with perfect speakers is the ultimate combination yet the beginning of home setup creation. But with time, you’ll not upgrade the equipment, including the needle, pickup head, and cartridges.

Among other items, a turntable mat is one of the essential things to purchase for your vinyl player. Without a mat, the record’s surface will become weak during dragging. Whether you need to upgrade your previous mat or want to boost your listening experience, this article is for you.

People think that not each turntable requires a mat, but the truth is different. A right turntable mat works to provide ultimate protection from damage and aids in different functions.

There are various turntable mats available in the market, but choosing one could be a hassle for you. Mostly, people ask a few questions before stepping out to make any purchase. Like, do you require a mat or the slipmat?

Whether you’re looking for a classic rubber mat or want to try any other material. The list of questions goes on and makes you more confused. No worries, we’ve got you covered. One should consider different factors while purchasing a turntable table.

The good news is that we will discuss each factor in detail already. Here we’ll provide a detailed review of the five best turntable mats, buying guide, and FAQS in end. Before jumping into details, please look at two of our favorite items, including Pro spin Arcyclic Turntable Mat or Fair Turntable Platter Mat.

Top 5 Best Mats For Turntable

1. Pro Spin Arcyclic Turntable Mat

Are you tired of the scratchy noise coming out from the turntable? This is the best turntable mat for you. It is equipped with high quality, good construction, a modern look, and durability. Now you enjoy listening to your favorite album clearly without that creepy white noise.

This mat comes with sound dampening effects that help to reduce the crackle or static sounds. Due to the sound dampening effect, the audio will be clearer and of high quality. By using this turntable mat, you’ll be enjoying the full bass that you’ve been missing for so long.

With this mat, you’ll enjoy listening to the punchier yet fuller tone coming out right from your turntable. To get the tighter bass response, this product holds the record with stronger grip results in reducing vibrations.

It is based on a modern look and sleek design covered with the classic white finishing plus a stylish appearance. Are you worrying about if it’ll fit on your turntable or not? This turntable mat has 300mm diameter and 3mm thickness.

It can easily fit the standard record player of 12 inches platters. By having the right mat, you’ll successfully boost the player’s output and minimize the crackling effects. It goes perfectly with the turntable having 33 1/3 and 45rpm.


  • No more scratchy noise.
  • Reduce crackles sound.
  • Minimize vibrations.
  • Sleek design.
  • High quality.
  • Sturdy buildup.
  • Strong grip.
  • Helps you achieve an excellent bass response.


  • Some users do not like center label indentation.

2. Fair Turntable Platter Mat

Second, in the list of best turntable mats is the Fair turntable platter mat. Are you tired of vibrations occurring while playing your favorite vinyl album? This item has got you covered.

This item is created with the rubber and OEM turntable pads that work perfectly to prevent vibrations, bumping issues and boost the adhesion of the record. In this way, your record will stay clean and work efficiently simultaneously.

It is quite suitable for all the standard record players. The item has enough capacity to control the vibrations mainly produced by the turntable lock while operating. By using this turntable mat, you’ll surely enjoy the clear sound due to a huge noise reduction.

This product is based on two designs to provide a tighter bass response, including label and non-slip grooves. It provides you with the best playback due to the production of less splash sound.

The mat is created with the proprietary silicone rubber composite material covered with a non-slip and scratch-resistant surface.

Moreover, the anti-static material used in the production of this mat tends to reduce the popping noise too. Isn’t it amazing? The mat has 2.3mm thickness and 295mm diameter, so pair it with the turntable where this product fits perfectly.


  • Control vibrations effectively.
  • Prevents popping noise.
  • Ensures clear sound.
  • Superb quality.
  • Amazing construction.
  • Protects record & maintains its shape.
  • Super durable.


  • It catches dust easily, which is hard to remove.

3. Ywhomal Turntable Mat

This amazon’s choice product comes with good stars and excellent reviews. We choose it as third in our list of best turntable mats due to its impressive performance. This product is based on a universal fit and goes with most turntables effortlessly.

It is created from solid soft rubber, strong enough to protect your record from any damage. The diameter of this turntable mat is 12 inches, while the thickness is 3mm, which makes it suitable for almost every turntable.

It shows great compatibility with every turntable brand, and you can easily use it on any 12 inches platter. This mat integrates label recess and non-slip grooves to keep the records at their place, which boosts the playback.

Don’t worry about the slipping issues, as this mat has non-slippage properties. That’s why it’ll stay on your turntable easily. Due to the zero slippage and non-scratch surface, the user will surely enjoy the static smooth music playing for longer durations.

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Overall, the product has a strong buildup, eliminates noise effectively, and is quite easy to clean. However, don’t worry about the breakage while placing it over the turntable as it has a sturdy construction already.


  • Compatible with all turntable brands.
  • Non-slippage surface.
  • Anti-scratch properties.
  • Allow soft music to play.
  • Reliable to use.
  • Stylish design.
  • Strong buildup.


  • Quality isn’t satisfactory.

4. Fluance Turntable Mat

Fourth on the list of best turntable mats is fluence turntable mat created with the silicone rubber material and weighs only 0.1kg. This durable material is covered with a non-scratch surface that keeps the product plus record player safe.

Due to the dampening properties of this turntable mat, you’ll be able to listen to your records as the artist intended without any noise. This means the user will enjoy listening to their favorite music with more clarity and no noise.

It removes the unwanted micro-vibrations and allows you to hear full tone directly from your turntable without distortion. Each audiophile knows that the right accessories can take your sound experience to the next level.

It ensures high fidelity sound, created with strong material and high quality. It is based on such amazing design that aids in producing superb quality playback without any hitch. Moreover, the product is suitable for the 12” platter that is the standard size.


  • Good quality.
  • Durable product.
  • Prevents micro-vibrations.
  • Clear sound.
  • Hassle-free installation.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Excellent dampening qualities.


  • Dust stick easily.

5. Electrohome Turntable

This record player is created with high-end black rubber and equipped with the universal fitting which means it goes perfectly with every turntable of standard size. Due to the solid rubber construction, your record will get the ultimate protection and has an excellent grip.

It has a non-slippage surface and is not so fragile, so don’t worry about breakage while handling it. The product provides reliable protection to the turntable and keeps the record safe from scratches.

Moreover, this mat works amazingly to provide you with the original audio of the vinyl album by eliminating all the noise. It is equipped with dampening qualities that eliminate unwanted vibrations and offer full sound reproduction.

You can easily place your record on the flat surface regardless of the label thickness. It also works to maintain the integrity of records during playback.


  • Impressive dampening effects.
  • Reduce unnecessary vibrations.
  • Strong buildup.
  • Scratch-resistant properties.
  • Ensures tight bass response.


  • Not shows compatibility with electro home record players.
  • Attracts dust and is hard to wash.

How to Choose a Best Turntable Mat?

When you’re stepping out to purchase the ideal turntable mat, there are a few things that one should consider. The market is full of a variety of products. Choosing the best could be a difficult task for you.

But after reading this buying guide, you’ll find it easy to make the right purchase. Lets’ move towards the details without wasting any more time.


The first and foremost thing to consider when you’re buying any item is the budget. One should make the budget before going to the market.

Spare the amount you want to spend on purchasing and find the products that fall under your limit. However, you get what you pay for, so don’t expect high-end features from the affordable item.


The next factor to consider is the material used to make the turntable mat. The mats are made up of rubber, plastic, felt, cork, leather, acrylic, and silicone rubber. Choosing the right material mainly depends on your requirements.

However, rubber is the most popular one that works amazingly to reduce the micro-vibrations and provide you with the full yet deep playback. Felt is another incredible material yet cheaper than others. Felt are thin and soft plus mostly used in Djing.

But unfortunately, it attracts dust and is not so easy to clean. Leather mats are static and work to improve the sound quality. Acrylic material shows similarity with the record works to decrease the vibrations. Get yourself the one that goes with your requirements.


While purchasing the turntable mat, you should check the quality. Some of the mats are fragile and don’t stand with the handling breaking up. This is why consider the quality of the product before making any purchase.

Clear Audio

Most of the users prefer buying the turntable mat with the dampening effect. Due to this property, all the minor vibrations and distortions will be eliminated to get the clear audio on the go. Some users have anti-scratch features and reduce the popping noise while playing. Honestly, there is no use in purchasing a mat that doesn’t enhance the sound quality. Buy the one that boosts the playback, provides a tight bass response, and eliminates all the unnecessary noise from vinyl.

Easy to clean

Some materials catch the dust particles like a magnet and are too tough to clean with plain water. However, you can use the washing liquid or hot water to remove the dust. Still, there are materials where the residue of dust sticks permanently. Check the cleaning thing before purchasing to save yourself from the hassle.


Why do we need a turntable mat?

You can keep your record secure from any damage by having a turntable mat. Moreover, the turntable mats minimize vibrations, noise, and popping sound. Therefore, you can enjoy listening to the original and clear sound with mats.

Is rubber material best than felt?

Well, felt is the lighter material and has good buffering properties, while the rubber material is also lightweight and quite sturdy than felt. Rubber mats work to boost the playback and reduce the noise from the sound.

Can we use leather mats?

Yes, leather mats are perfect to upgrade the sound quality. It works amazingly to eliminate resonance and keep the dust away. This is undoubtedly a cost-effective way of reproducing a clear sound with no noise.

How do you clean the turntable mats?

Most materials can easily pick up the dust, and some even attract the dust like a magnet. What to do then? Just clean the material with a damp cloth. However, some of the products are tough to clean, so you can use any dishwashing liquid or hot water for cleaning.


This article has explored the 5 best turntable mats in detail, along with the buying guide and FAQS. Purchasing a good turntable mat is necessary to keep the turntable safe, enjoy a clear sound, and remove unnecessary noise. Get yourself the one that goes with your budget and requirements. Best of luck!!

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