Jensen JTA-230 3 Speed Review: A Low Budget Option

The market can seem saturated with cheap, small, unreliable record players, and you might get that impression after your first glance of the Jensen JTA-230, but taking a closer look at this product, there could be a few things that could make the Jensen JTA-230 a beacon of light in an otherwise dark corner of the industry. Portable and sturdy for its price, the JTA-230 allows for tone control and pitch adjustment; something that other record players in the same price range often lack. While its built in speakers won’t shatter any windows, when turned all the way up the noise level is more than adequate for personal listening or with a couple of friends, especially in a small area. So while you wouldn’t use this for parties without connecting some bigger amps or speakers, the sound quality from the internal speakers is great for what they are.

Jensen JTA-230

  • Decent built in speakers.
  • USB port is built in like most turntables.
  • 3 speeds are 33RPM, 45RPM, and 78RPM
  • The three speed function fits different size LP’s.
  • Auxiliary input for speaker use.
  • RCA Output.
  • Belt driven motor on this turntable.
  • Tonearm is straight shaped.

Pros of The Jensen JTA-230

Let’s start with the fact that this is a very cost effective record player, and for its price, it offers more than its direct competition might dictate. For beginners that are still unsure about spending a lot of money on high-fidelity sound equipment, the JTA-230 serves as a perfect entry level product. Because of its small dimensions, it is a great portable device to bring with you to a friend’s house for some quick listening — the internal speakers allow for reproduction without any external equipment as well. Its USB port allows for you to plug in your mp3 player and rip songs from your record to an audio file on your phone or iPod, while the auxiliary jack allows you to plug in your device and play your favorite tunes from your electronic device. If not completely satisfied with the internal speakers, you have the option of hooking up some external amplifiers and speakers via its RCA output.

Cons of The Jensen JTA-230

Although it might be difficult to have concrete and consistent complaints for this product when you look at the price of it, finding things to complain about seems to be a forte of the human psyche. I wouldn’t call the overall build of the Jensen JTA-230 sturdy or rigid; a lot of the moving parts and materials might give one the feeling that in the long run this product might suffer a bit from wear and tear. The built in speakers leave a lot to be desired, and even though they were mentioned in some capacity as a pro, we have to lament that the built in speakers will not satiate your auditory needs for very long. Like a lot of people, you will plug this product into your PC or Laptop, and like most people you will fiddle around with the software to try and get simple tasks done like recording what’s playing on your record player to an mp3 file. If there ever was an antithesis to the definition of user friendly, the Jensen JTA-230’s software might be just that.

Setup Guide: What You Need To Play This Turntable

The Jensen JTA-230 actually surprises on this front by coming with both a built-in phono preamp and speakers for such a low price. However, don’t expect them to be amazing by any means.  The speakers sound just OK, so if you want to get a more improved sound, you would definitely want to consider getting external speakers. Furthermore, getting a powerful receiver may go a long way in improving the sound quality even further.

Concluding Thoughts

So if you’re the type of person that likes to put white gloves on before handling his or her records, maybe this isn’t the product for you. Instead, maybe you would buy this as someone’s first record player — like a child or someone who hasn’t been in touch with their vinyl records for decades. The JTA-230 is best used as a portable, inexpensive means to listen to your records, and is definitely not recommended as a primary record player for those who consider themselves audiophiles. All in all, you get what you pay for in most cases but even though there is a bit more bang for your buck here, it is mainly just a very basic starter turntable that is best served as an inexpensive gift or showpiece more than anything else.

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