How To Fix Record Skip For Your Vinyl in 2022?

How To Fix Record Skip

There are a couple of reason why your precious record is skipping. Some of these reasons include debris, dust, worn out stylus or unbalanced turntable’s arm. Luckily, these issues can be fixed easy without much money and effort.

Unfortunately, skipping that is caused by visible scratches on the record will be very difficult to fix and may be irreparable. Getting a better record player by doing your research is the best option because it is usually the cheap products that cause skipping.

For the Repairing Process You Will Need The Following

  1. Magnifying glass.
  2. Lint-Free Cloth.
  3. Distilled Water.
  4. Record-Cleaning Kit.
  5. Toothpick.

The first thing you should do is find where the record is skipping and replay that part a few times to identify the troublesome spot. Knowing where the problems reside is a crucial step in fixing the record with ease.

A magnifying glass can make your job a lot easier.

Remove the record by touching it only by the edges. Put your thumb on the outside edge and middle finger on the label to prevent dirt and oils on the record’s surface.

By using a magnifying glass, you can examine the vinyl and find where the problem is. Look for dust that is embedded in the grooves and for any visible scratches. You will know if there are scratches with the magnifying glass. Make sure to remove any surface dirt by using a lint-free cloth.

Furthermore, use tap water to rinse off the record and use a mild dish washing liquid for stubborn dirt. The best choice is to use distilled water and try not to get the record label wet, or it might peel off. Let it dry before playing it. You can use air drying or soft towel to make this process faster. Wet playing will totally damage it so be patient and make sure that the grooves are dry.

Use a wooden toothpick to remove any dirt particles remaining in the groove. Push the dust out of the spot carefully without applying much pressure.

Now test the record and if it’s skipping, then the problem might be from the stylus. If it’s worn out, then you will have to replace it. If the problem continues, then you will need an experienced professional to balance your tone arm or find a different solution.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can get a clean record of the music by applying gentle pressure to the tone arm, which will push the needle deeper and the record might play through the skip. You can use a small weight or put your finger on it. This method should be employed if it’s your only option or it might damage the record.
  • Use a professional record cleaning kit to remove the dust and debris from the surface of your record. There are vacuum cleaning machines for records that are easy-to-use and time-saving, especially for large collections
  • Your record can be permanently damaged if you use a solution that includes rubbing alcohol, so be aware of the ingredients before using.
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