How To Clean And Preserve Your Vinyl Records in 2023

So you have a turntable, and a bunch of records in your collection. You already know how to clean your turntable, but what about those records? This is what we are going to tell you about today, as we will highlight the different ways of preserving your precious vinyl records so that they can last for the upcoming generations.

Firstly, it goes without saying that it is of extreme importance to clean them properly and store them in places where they can’t be damaged. Why? Because if they are out in the open there are so many ways that they can be damaged, for example by pets or by falling down. With that said, here are more specific ways to keep those records fresh as the day you bought them.

Cleaning Your Records

1. Wiping

You must buy yourself a soft cleaning brush to maintain your records. Clean the surface of the record after each play and don’t forget this step, it is crucial. After each use, you must wipe the brush, and if you’d like to increase the longevity of the record, you can do this process before and after each play.

2. Deep Cleaning

If you have very few records, then you can use a brush and a special liquid to clean them thoroughly. But if you have more than fifty records, then you should by a cleaning machine or you will have to spend a lot of time in cleaning.

Of course, if you’d like to save some money you can by cheaper cleaning kits and the whole process by hand.

Handling And Storing Your Records

When touching a record, you must be extra careful given the fact that your fingers can damage the vinyl.

Also, another factor that can damage the vinyl is the dust in the air. That’s why you must take it outside its sleeve and put it directly on your precious turntable. After you are finished with it, gently return it inside. As for storage, use the following as a general guide:

1. Sleeves

You must keep the records in plastic anti-static sleeves to protect them from dust and dirt. Of course, the outer jacket is mandatory too. Buy some spare plastic sleeves and change them, from time to time, given the fact that they quickly accumulate dirt on their own.

2. Store them properly

The vinyl must always be kept in dry and cold storages without any sunlight. Light and heat can damage the record thoroughly so be careful. Also, it isn’t suggested to change the place where it is stored given the fact that humidity and temperature differences can warp the vinyl. Remember to store them vertically because if you put them flat, they can be damaged.

Other Tips To Know

  • Firstly, don’t use alcohol while cleaning the record’s surface. You can use distilled water and lint-free cloth to clean everything. There are unique napkins that clean musical instruments and they are perfect for removing debris. They are made of microfibers that are gentle enough to clean thoroughly.
  • If you love the vinyls you have, and you don’t have much time, then a cleaning machine is for you. Look them up in your nearby department store.
  • Another tip is to remove shrink-wrap because it’s temperature sensitive. Keep the surrounding area clean, don’t touch the vinyl, and keep storage facilities dust-free.
  • Your air conditioning system must have a unique filter to stop any dust from entering the sleeves. Never store your records without inner sleeves and paper or cardboard isn’t recommended. To increase the protection, you can use soft polyethylene inner sleeves because the one that stores the vinyl initially is made of PVC.
  • Avoid storage boxes made of metal because they retain a static charge. Also, don’t stack them too tightly because they need space to breathe.
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