Step by Step Guide to Replace a Record Player Belt in 2023!

Replace a Record Player Belt

A record player belt is an essential part of the turntable. It keeps the platter spinning at a consistent rate and prevents it from slipping off the motor shaft. When a belt starts to wear out, it can cause your turntable to skip or cause records to jump out of place when scratching.

Here’s how you can Replace a Record Player Belt for a new one so you can keep spinning tunes.

How to Replace a Record Player Belt in 2023?

Replacing a record player belt is an important maintenance task that you should perform regularly to ensure optimal performance of your player. This guide will show you how to replace the belt on your record player, step by step.

1.    Disconnect your record player from any power sources and remove the stylus cartridge or needle from the arm assembly.

2.    Gently lift the platter off of the spindle and set it aside.

3.    Locate the old belt around the periphery of the turntable’s motor pulley.

4.    Use your fingers to loosen and remove the old belt from the motor pulley.

5.    Take your new belt and wrap it around the motor pulley, making sure that the back side of the belt is aligned with the surface where you removed the old one from.

6.    Tighten the new belt by hand until it sits securely on the motor pulley without slipping.

7.    Reinstall your stylus cartridge or needle to your record player arm assembly, and then reconnect the player to any power sources.

8.    Power on your record player and test that it is running properly by placing a record on the spindle and gently lowering the platter onto it. If your record spins smoothly, you’re good to go! If not double-check that the belt is secure and not slipping, and try again.

Replacing your record player belt regularly is an important part of maintaining the performance and longevity of your audio equipment. By following this guide, you can be sure that your new belt will fit correctly around the motor pulley and that it will not slip or slide out of place during use.

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