Teac TN-300 Turntable Review 2023: Great For Home Use

Teac TN-300 Turntable Review

Teac TN-300 is a two-speed, genuine belt-drive turntable from TEAC, titled the TN-300 Analog, which comes with a built-in MM Phono pre-amplifier and a USB output. It is fully manual and delivers sound with depth and layering; not to mention that playing vinyl in itself is a far better musical experience.

Are you looking for a fully automatic turntable? This one is for you. It has high-end quality, excellent audio, and great buildup. Let’s move towards the in-depth details of this amazing turntable.

Teac TN-300 Key Features:

  • Manual belt-drive technology.
  • 2 Speeds: 33 RPM and 45 RPM.
  • Built-in Phono Preamp.
  • Audio-Technica’s AT95E VM cartridge.
  • USB output for easy transfer of music to your laptop/Macbook.

Hallmark Features

TEAC insists on its ability to play vinyl with superior sound quality. Plus, it lets you copy music to a PC or MAC by using its USB connection. The thus created digital archive will be of great quality and its tracks will be accessible on smartphones and digital players. The converter protects the tracks by digitizing them.

However, note that the turntable does not enable copying music from vinyl straight to a USB stick.

The Phono cartridge it includes is of VM type and ensures the quality of the sound, but not only. This is also responsible for the amount of detail you get to hear in the music being played.

Performance and Design

The TEAC TN-300 will play records in a manner that will reveal to you so much about the music you love. Besides the Phono, it also features a Line output, thus being able to accommodate vinyl under more circumstances.

Any amplifier can work with this turntable when playing vinyl since it’s got the integrated Phono pre-amplifier. It doesn’t matter whether there is a Phono equalizer or not, it will still play the records.

The platter is aluminum cast and is powered by a DC motor. The Neoprene rubber helps it have a very smooth and constant rotation. The steel is highly polished so that the performance is as accurate as possible.

The sound you get is fit for the price and the expected quality. Also, there’s a slight warm quality to how it sounds and a welcome richness to it. It doesn’t disappoint in terms of playback quality. The high notes don’t go awry and the bass is pleasing. Overall, in terms of performance, the Teac TN-300 is one of the best record players under $500.

This turntable has a simple and very elegant body. The chassis is minimally styled and, slim and simple as it may look, it is quite solid actually. It’s available in 6 colors, so anyone can pick whatever suits their preference: a discreet, a bold, or a contrasting theme. The base is wooden and is very glossy, with no compromise in looks, nor sturdiness. Compare this with the plastic base versions and you will see the smashing difference.


Can be easily used as a starter turntable, since it’s rookie friendly. If you’re just making your first steps into music playing and DJ-ing, this makes for an appropriate choice. As for assembling, it is fairly easy to do. TEAC has better usability than similar models in its range. Besides, it’s easy to operate it. Right above the deck, you have the switch to turn it on and off. It’s a great placement and makes you think why didn’t other brands choose to do the same.

Pros of The Tean TN-300

  • Affordable
  • Reliable turntable
  • Beautiful exterior and decent internal specs
  • Neoprene rubber has a smart touch
  • Built-in phono pre-amp
  • Magnificient sound

Cons of The Teac TN-300

  • Quality isn’t up to the mark

Setup Guide: What You Need To Play This Turntable

It comes with a built-in preamp as you already know, so all you need is the following:

You can customize a setup with this product that over-performs its price vantage, so we would take the TN-300 any day of the week over other similarly priced turntables.

For Whom TEAC TN-300 Is Suitable?

This turntable is available under 400$, equipped with Hi-Fi audio, easy operations, and minimal vibrations. It is quite suitable for audiophiles who need an advanced turntable to play their vinyl without any hassle. Due to the increased clarity and excellent connectivity option it has already won the heart of many vinyl lovers. This is undoubtedly a versatile turntable and the best addition to your audio system.


Can we record CD from cassette type on TEAC TN-300 turntable?

Yes, it allows you to record the audio from cassettes, phonorecords, or through any external source without any hitch. That’s why it is one of the best versatile turntables in the market.

Does TEAC TN-300 have Bluetooth?

No, this product does not come with the Bluetooth connectivity option. However, you can run it by using the remote control. With the remote you can play, pause, increase, or decrease the volumes as per need.

How many speeds are there in TEAC TN-300 turntable?

It has all three speeds. You can play the vinyl at 33 ½, 45, and 78 RPM. 33 is best for the albums, 45 is suitable for the singles and 78 is perfect for old records.

Concluding Thoughts

Eventually, it should come as no surprise that TEAC TN-300 is constantly getting attention and positive feedback from its users. Available for a great price under $500, the performance and features make it pointless to go for the cheaper models that don’t do as much, if you can afford it of course!

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